Our Core Values


We maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do and place utmost importance on maintaining client confidentiality and trust. We take our roles as counsellors and officers of the courts very seriously.


We demand excellence in advocacy and trial skills. Our intensity, discipline, and sound judgment set us apart.

Client Service

We share an uncompromising dedication to our clients as evidenced by our stake in our clients' success and our accessibility to our clients.


The best attorney-client relationships are based not only on mutual trust and teamwork between attorney and client but also on attorney judgment and objectivity. We maintain the independence necessary to advise our clients as to what is in their best interests.


We have the fortitude to represent our clients in difficult cases and advocate unpopular positions. Our clients have a staunch ally.


Our people and our approach reflect the diversity of our communities and cultures. Lawyers from diverse backgrounds who add their unique perspectives and insights to our work are keys to our excellence.


We exploit the efficiency of firm culture and structure to provide value to our clients and embrace specialization, innovation, and careful planning as the foundation of our client

One Firm

We practice as one firm, collaboratively across offices and practice areas, to provide the representation our clients deserve, achieve the professional excellence we seek, and create the collegial environment in which we want to work.


We are committed to these values, our firm, and our clients and take steps every day to ensure that these values are reflected in all that we do.