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Conveyance, Land law and Environmental law.

By March 6, 2013May 22nd, 2022Practice Areas

This involves land and conveyancing transactions and include;

  • inter-alia preparing and registration of charges, mortgages, leases, transfers, extension of leases, discharge of charges, debentures,  chattels mortgages,  letters of hypothecation, interpretation of conveyancing documents etc.
  • Preparation of debentures, Chattels transfer, leases and mortgages.
  • Preparation and registration of transfers.
  • Preparation and registration of powers of attorney, cautions and caveats over properties.
  • Dealings with trusts and settlements.
  • Advising on legal and equitable rights in land.

Real Estate/Property

We provide legal services and advice in property acquisition, sale, development and financing. The firm also offers advice on estate and tax planning. We frequently advise clients on real estate investments, draft contracts, leases and incorporate new businesses.

Sale & Acquisition

Our advocates have many years of experience in the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties. In residential property transactions, our firm provides services for sales and purchases of flats and houses in all major towns in Kenya. Commercial Property transaction’s includes acquisitions and sale of small and large commercial buildings.


Our firm provides services related to both residential and commercial leases. This includes advising landlord and tenant on various issues. This also include remedies for breach of contract, enforce-ability of leasehold contracts and disputes resolutions.


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